AlternaCare Ambassador Program

1. Everyone who pledges is accepted

2. Members auto-DONATE A NONREFUNDABLE $49.99 monthly.

3. Each member HOUSEHOLD is issued a unique Ambassador link for new member enrollment. Members earn $50.00 per new AlternaCare member after 60 days (both are current members)

4. No limit on how much a member can earn.

5. 1099 is issued annually for earnings over $600.00.

                                                                   Alterna$hare Ambassador Terms

1. Must be an AlternaCare member.

2. - AlternaCare Member health qualifies for Alterna$hare. Declines for uncontrolled blood pressure, sleep apnea, blood sugar etc. Click Here for Details.

3. Earn 4 Sharing -Members receive an Alterna$hare Ambassador link to earn when a new member(s) enrolls (after 60 days - both are current members) using Ambassador link at enrollment.

Alterna$hare enrollment $100.00
AlternaCare enrollment $50.00
No limit on earnings
1099 provided annually for earnings over $600.00