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The Giving That Gives Back

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Four years in the making with 100% volunteer time, talent, passion, and determination make the AlternaCare Foundation refreshingly unique is a cause whose bottom line is our people, and a mission to redefine what a nonprofit does to serve humanity. We are defining what a real cause does who is not fixated on revenue and staying in business. That makes AlternaCare amazing.

As a symbiotic community, all donations help us build on the foundation we have spent years working on. Today, we're ready to continue our cause for better health with a better health solution to propel the mission to help in many directions that are pressing.

A mission whose vision resonates with people ready to help make change real as we help people ready to be the change is why we need our community to come together in the following ways so we can all be part of the joy in giving. 

The following needs for support are how you can be part of our great cause for greater good.
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Donation Needs Include:

  • People

  • Time

  • Talent

  • Cash

  • Assets

  • Resources

  • Connections

  • Philanthropy

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AlternaCare Donations Provide;

  • Funding to make this a health platform for real prevention based on integrity and honesty

  • Serving members in the way no nonprofit or health insurance has or will by solving problems other organizations exploit

  • Building a future reserve account to offer a financial subsidy to those who want AlternaShare with a hand up, the  AlternaCares fund will offer to help financially  to deserving ones in this community who live the AlternaCare pledge

  • Donations fund the AlternaCare technology in development for expansion of services

People - A people movement is only complete with passionate supporters who are the backbone of what we do together. If you're ready to be a part please let us know by filling out the form below and share your ideas to support the people movement for change to better health in our health care.

Time - People with limited resources love what we're doing. As such, we need volunteers who offer their time. Please use the complete the form below and let's talk about your ideas to help.

Talent - Have a talent you want to donate to AlternaCares? Wonderful! Please complete the form below and let’s discuss your ideas.

Cash - Want to make a donation and need to talk about it before you do? Donations are tax deductible so please complete the form below to talk about it!

Assets - Have assets you want to donate? Wonderful! We have many needs. Donations are tax deductible so please complete the form below and let’s talk!

Resources - Have other resources to offer? Fantastic! Please complete the form below and let’s discuss what your offer includes.

Connections - Have connections to important people? Are you a person of influence? Please complete the form below and let’s talk.

Philanthropy - Helping members with a hand up not a hand out is what our philanthropic donors are assured of when contributing. Donated funds will be used in the future to help deserving people. Please complete the form below to discuss your donation.

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