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Dr. Deborah A. Drake Chief Medical Officer of Alternative Technologies

Dr. Deborah Anne Drake is a retired emergency and family physician, now practicing as a Doctor of Humanitarian Services DHS, Integrative Medicine Doctor IMD, Integrative Health Coach Instructor IHC, a Diplomate Osteopathic Manual Practice DO(MP), Diplomate Instructor in Quantum Biofeedback CQI, Certified Light Therapist, Frequency Matrix Therapist FMT. She currently practices in Toronto and lectures as the Director of Department of Bioenergetics at the Canadian College Of Humanitarian Medicine. She is on Faculty of the Board of Integrative Medicine, and consults to World Organization of Natural Medicine and Clinics for Humanity.





Dr. Patricia Knox Doctorate and Ph.D. in  Natural Medicine, Director of Education

Living Prevention Academy Dr. Knox holds a Ph.D. in natural medicine and is a Doctor of Humanitarian Services as well as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner. Patricia Knox, PhD in Natural Medicine, DNM, DHS, DPSc, AMP, started her career as a Chemical Engineer. With her science background she forged into the world of Quantum Physics and ultimately Quantum Medicine. As the owner of Living Concepts, Dr. Knox is the lead educator of the AlternaCare #LivePrevention Academy and Ambassador for the World Organization of Natural Medicine Graduate School Faculty Chair for the International Quantum University Of Integrative Medicine.