"How Cancer Saved My Life"

The AlternaCare story began when founder and CEO, Kari E. Gray at age 25 went in for a complete physical and found life suddenly spinning out of control. A domino of events no one could have foreseen, happened that began with blood work. The results initially resulted in an MS diagnosis followed by more labs and a referral to a specialist. 
As a young mother of three young children, Kari Gray describes the events of that fateful day.
"Coming in the exam room the specialist broke the news.... "I have good news and bad.... Let's start with the good news first. Your lab tests confirm you don't have MS..... Relieved I was not prepared for the bad news. 
There's just no easy way to say this, ..... your test results show you have liver cancer .... and its terminal." Gasping for air I asked, ..."What are my options?" He said, "Because of the late stage there are no options. Your cancer is too far advanced for chemo and radiation to be of any use. At this point, there's nothing else we can do. ..... I think it's best you go home, rest, and make any arrangements you need to. And please know how sorry I am. I wished there was more we could do."

Left sitting alone, the shock was surreal


Trying to compose herself, Kari devastated found the 30 mile drive home nearly impossible as the torrent of tears streamed down her face. Being diagnosis terminal plummeted a vibrant woman into a broken shell. Left without hope or options, in despair, Kari found her emotions plunging her headlong into depression, as she was left devastation. Debilitation left her paralyzed in fear.


She relates, "I understand what a terminal diagnosis does to your psyche..... its like a nightmare where a voracious beast is chasing you and paralyzed in fear you can't move. But this nightmare you can't wake up from. The day I was diagnosed is forever etched in my mind. Diagnosed terminal is a day you never forget. It's the day when you see your life like a movie that would of been you and your children's lives play out before you. Cancer breaks the strongest of people."
Looking back, Kari attributes the strength to survive formidable odds to the power of prayer. With a faith stronger than adversity, prayers and love for her children gave her back the determination to not give up as darkness engulfed. 
In bed for days, Kari relates.... "All I could do was hold my babies cry and pray. A haunting movie played over and over in my mind of their future..... where every part of their lives would be forever scarred if I wasn't there..... Overwhelmed, I beseeched Jehovah God for the wisdom to know what to do. Paralyzed with fear and confusion.... those were some dark days in my life. And in the darkness came the epiphanies like a flickering candle. And it was then I felt the change as hope and a plan replaced depression and devastation. And it was then that the determination to not give up gave me the strength to fight."
While a young mother's life hung in the balance, and a family soon to be shattered as another ‘too-young’ cancer fatality, Kari says, "prayer changed my thinking and epiphanies empowered me to not give up, to stay determined to exhaust all options. That's when my will to live returned."


"What the mind believes the body achieves"

As a terminal liver cancer-conqueror, Kari says, "What cancer taught me is hearing you're dying..... that's the first step to doing so. I believe that's what's wrong with diagnosing people because diagnosis alters psyche, especially when it comes from a person of authority... aka...medical doctor. A terminal diagnosis feels like the death sentence is pronounced and it replays in your mind...And once you believe it, your will to live is skewed. I could feel mine leaving me. And this is when I understood how dying starts because what the mind believes, the body achieves."

Refusing to Give Up

Realizing she was dying in thoughts made Kari determined to find hope. That was the beginning of the events that changed her life. 
What began with “what if there’s something Dr.’s don’t know?” Led her on the path to find out. That decision changed her life when determined to leave no stone unturned, and no time to waste, Kari went from bedridden and broken, to empowered and determined.



Kari's Life Shifted

Networking with family, friends and strangers before the internet made finding answers easy, is how Kari's life shifted. Referred to a naturopath who practiced in a home office in Bentonville, AR, for the first-time Kari found the voice of hope.
Without knowledge of the medical diagnosis, lab tests or results, the naturopath diagnosed Kari terminal with liver cancer through kinesiology.


Struggling to break the news Kari relates, "I could see she was having a hard time breaking the news. I assured her I knew. Relieved, she asked,"Do you believe it?"  My response, "I don't want to that's why I am here. Those words and mindset changed my life." 


At this pivotal moment Kari was offered a protocol that would be....aggressive, expensive, and denied by health insurance but could work if Kari was 100% committed.


Her decision to commit was easy. What followed was not. With no time to waste, Kari relates, "Change is the challenge because we are creatures of habit. Changing old habits takes willpower. Having my children kept me focused on my 'why'. Every day my love for them gave me the discipline I needed to stay on course."



Cancer Recovery Protocol

"My naturopaths first advice was to read "The Yeast Connection". When I did I was overwhelmed. With the truth and all the changes I needed to make. I had to read that book 3 times before I had the strength to do so but it changed me and helped me have the courage and determination I needed to stay on course."


Kari was also advised to read, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie". That was an eye opener and she began cleansing - Liver, kidneys, colon, gallbladder, lung, heart. Detoxifying vital organs with supplements - Standard Process and Neo Life by the hundreds a week took months of discipline.


With practitioner visits, bodywork, massages, chiro, her naturopath used muscle testing to keep her on track with what her body needed.


With much to purchase, the protocol became expensive for most of a year.

Denied benefits set the stage

Adding her spending was in the thousands as her practitioner warned. Deciding to submit receipts to her then health insurance company seemed a logical choice. While what Kari was spending was significant, for an insurance company who spends far more on chemo and radiation, her costs were a fraction of the conventional. 
Submitting receipts was promptly followed by a denial letter. It was then Kari could see how wrong the system is who denies a legitimate option that's a fraction of the cost of conventional medicine. Realizing when people can least afford to self-fund, who die needlessly, left her outraged. Wanting to fight the insurance company, Kari knew it was an exercise in futility and she chose to battle cancer first. 

The strength to survive

became the foundation to thrive

                                                                                                  Looking back Kari sees what happened as her "reluctant leader training". Remission opened a new chapter in her life. Determined to purchase alternative medicine health insurance, again Kari found herself at odds with insurance. And for two-decades searching for a policy, she remained such.


Life took a turn again in 2011 when Kari relocated to Hawaii. There for the first time in thirty years, she went from CEO-entrepreneur to insurance professional. Once trained in insurance, the stage was set for a talented entrepreneur-problem-solver to unlock the secret she searched for since remission.
Discovering why health insurance denies natural medicine despite costing less and being more efficacious, Kari put her skills to work because of her burning desire to 'pay it forward'........




Creating AlternaCare 

The wheels of change began turning in July 2013 when Kari launched With a message of pre-enrollment in natural medicine health insurance. The response made clear people search for a holistic health care system.


Response to the website propelled Kari to continue the fight to find solutions as website visitors told stories of how insurance did them wrong. And while insurance fraud is real, public fraud is too. It happens every day when insurance companies deny claims premiums are built on. A ‘dirty secret’ of how year-end bonuses are earned by exec’s, adjusters, and stockholders comes from denied claims premiums are built on, and not paid. This fueled Kari's commitment to be an advocate for people.


Soon Kari had a list of ready buyers for holistic health insurance but she found no matter the company, the request to underwrite a policy remained unanswered. Frustrated, Kari researched Obamacare before it went into effect and found the answer she needed in the legislation called medical cost-sharing. Creating an alliance between organizations who agreed to include alternative medicine in medical sharing, Kari and her team launched as a beta project in 2015 with a ‘better than health insurance’ solution.


In 2017, Kari realized alternative medicine wasn't the complete answer. Closing the doors to GreenSurance in April that year, she and her team spent the next year developing the #LivingPrevention message and AlternaCare as a member-tribe with AlternaShare 'The Healthy Insurance Alternative'.
Today, Kari is writing her autobiography and tells the story in detail about .....


“How Cancer Saved My Life.....

& How It Now Saves Yours Too”