Frequently Asked Questions

Bringing Integrity Back to Humanity

What is AlternaCare? 
AlternaCare is our member-tribe, the people. Membership provides access to member-only website and benefits that include; Living Prevention Academy, Members Area, Members Library, Members Marketplace, Ambassador Program. In addition, membership includes access to AlternaShare, AlternaTrust & AlternaCoil.
What is AlternaShare? 
AlternaShare is the Healthy Insurance replacement, which includes a small insurance policy called a MEC to meet the laws requirement and ensure we are Health Savings Account qualified as well as Cost Sharing for major expenses over the out of pocket we meet before sharing begins. 
What is the Difference? 
AlternaCare is the membership. Alterna Share the alternative to health insurance for health expense needs. 
What is Cost Sharing? 
The way to cost effectively replace health insurance. A self-funded program used by faith-based groups since the 80's for conventional medicine replaces health insurance. Cost-sharing through AlternaShare includes for primary care, integrative and alternative medicine and is NOT FAITH BASED but based on lifestyle instead.
When is AlternaShare Available?
Summer 2018.


What are the Details on AlternaShare?
Please click here to download all the details on how sharing works and what is included?
Will AlternaShare Include Sharing for Pre-Existing Health Problems?
No and Yes. For the first 12 mo there is no sharing for pre-existing health costs. See AlternaCoil. After month 13, pre-existing is limited to $15,000 for year two on pre-existing, and $30,000.00 year three for pre-existing cost sharing. At year four there is no limit. Pre-existing is any health symptom or treatment in the previous 36 months.
What Do I Get When I Become a Member?
Please see this page for the list of AlternaCare membership benefits.


What is Living Prevention?
Living Prevention is a lifestyle based on truth for a higher quality of life. Living Prevention is our member pledge and FREE ebook. #LivingPrevention is a movement that is now our in development TV show.


What is AlternaTrust?
A legal way to set up your finances to legally be protected from lawsuits, garnishments, seizures, etc. as well as postpone to infinity, tax consequences in compliance with the IRS.
What is AlternaCoil?
Innovative technology that puts prevention on speed dial. Using sound as medicine, this non-invasive and non-toxic 21st century soulution ensure the body balances to rid itself of the causes of disease and chronic illness.

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