AlternaCare #LivePrevention                 PLEDGE AND ENROLL

I understand as an AlternaCare member I pledge to follow the #LivePrevention guidelines herein. 
I also understand the #LivePrevention pledge is my personal integrity to myself and to the community. 
I understand review the following and once agreeing, the link to enroll is at the bottom of the page. 
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#LivePrevention Follow List

  • Live a holistic lifestyle

  • Eat organic

  • Practice forgiveness of self and others

  • Protect and strengthen the immune system

  • Be active daily

  • Use organic food supplements

  • Commit to lower stress & anxiety living

  • Spend time in nature

  • Practice love for good health

  • Dedicate time to increasing health education

  • Grounding - Get in touch w/the Earth

  • Limit cell phone & tablet use

  • Use corded phones when possible

  • Turn off wi-fi when not in use

  • Let go of negative emotions

  • Eat a nutritiously balanced diet

  • Be willing to change

  • Cleanse & Detox

  • Use speakerphone or air tube for wireless

  • Charge devices 3'+ @night from bed or in other room

  • Follow #LivePrevention Guidelines

#LivePrevention Avoid List



Toxic emotions & people - toxin
Lectins - Natural toxin
Soy - GMO toxin
Artificial Anything- toxin
MSG - toxin
Statin drugs - toxin
Chlorine - toxin
BPA & Plastics – toxin
Carbonation - weakens bones
Smart meters - toxin
Microwave cooking - toxin
Processed white sugar - toxin
Processed white flour - toxin
Processed white table salt - toxin
Certain narcotic pain relievers
Medications for incontinence
Some antidepressants - toxin
Teflon cookware - toxin
Alcohol abuse - toxin
Aspartame - toxin
Artificial colors - toxin
Processed food - toxin
Hydrogenated oil - toxin
Growth hormones - toxin
Radiation / Chemo - toxin
Mammography - radiation toxin
Tobacco - toxin in any form
Some Over the Counter medicine- hazardous
Sedentary life – exercise 3 x’s per week
Smoking- toxin anything including vapes
Bromine added to white flour toxin
Glutamate – preservative toxin
High fructose sugar - an excitotoxin
If you can't pronounce it - avoid it
Chewing - toxin substances - betel nut, tobacco etc.
Prescriptions - when diet and lifestyle can eliminate
Fluoride – toxin in municipal water, toothpaste, dentistry, etc.
Vaccinations – toxic uses heavy metals as a preservative, etc.
Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides- toxins in conventionally grown food
Blood - a toxin in food and medical procedures – safe nonblood alternatives are available
Mercury – neurotoxin in amalgams, medicine, vaccines, eye drops, etc.
Aluminum - neurotoxin in antiperspirant, cookware, foil, drink containers, medicine, etc.
Reckless living
Sexual Promiscuousness


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