AlternaCare Foundation

Mission Statement & Pledge to Members

Mission Statement
Innovate. Educate. Prevent. Protect Humanity


A. Be the humanitarian innovation for humanity
B. Sort truth from lies and provide authentic prevention education. 
C. Improve quality of health through prevention education, science, holistic medicine, and technology.
D. Protect humanity by solving problems instead of exploiting people for profit.   
                                                                                                                                                                   The AlternaCare Pledge to Our Members 
                                                                                                                                                                      1. Innovation, Prevention, Education & Neutrality - Developed for like-minded people who live prevention, AlternaCare is neutral politically and is not a faith based cause. 
2. Living Prevention - Creating a healthy community founded on Living Prevention addresses the medical disease-care system by providing truth and integrity to be prevention literate. 
3. Prevention Better than Cure - Ensuring members know prevention literacy, the Living Prevention Academy delivers prevention is better than cure, which makes knowing the truth critical.
4. Prevention First - Building a community founded on prevention first is a first. Address the health crisis of escalating lifestyle diseases and costs is AlternaCare.
5. Solve the Health Insurance Crisis - Creating an innovative alternative to health insurance for AlternaCare members includes holistic and integrative medicine in primary care with conventional medicine is AlternaShare (in development). 
6. Save Money - The domino effect of health issues is changed by knowing what prevention really is. That's how to control costs and save money.                                                                                                                                                            
7. Real Choice - Providing members with AlterrnaShare pre-enrollment opens the right to choose the best care, no matter the medicine type; holistic, integrative or conventional. 
8. No One Goes It Alone - AlternaShare members back each other in a community of cost sharing for approved treatments, ensuring no one faces health costs alone.
9. Soulutions - Serving our tribe with more financial solutions in living prevention. 
10. Everyone Accepted - AlternaCare is a member community who accepts everyone taking the Living Prevention Pledge. 
11. Create a Safe Space - The truth has enemies from those who profit from deception. The Living Prevention Pledge filters trolls and haters as we build a community of positivity.