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Today financial success for corporations happens when sponsoring causes. With a resonating message that says,
"We're the brand who cares' creates a powerful message with far-reaching impact that strengthens customer loyalty. When brands are identified with the 'halo effect' of good corporate citizenship, consumer spending is influenced.  (see examples here)

Tap Into Today's Hot-Topic

Today's hot trend is organics. Shifting consumer spending affects food, goods, services and health care as millions of educated consumers drive billions in preventative care called CAM for Complimentary Alternative Medicine.

However, consumers are also forced by law to purchase ever-rising health insurance, and for millions, that's for health care they don't want. This disconnect means people need answers more than ever before.

AlternaCare has the answers millions of people need who are not served by health insurance. Poised to make an impact. sponsorship is your brand's opportunity to align with a refreshing solution, AlternaCare.

Statistics Make Clear

Consumer spending for natural medicine has increased 300% in years 2007-2012
158 million people purchase CAM - (Complimentary Alternative Medicine) denied by health insurance for primary care
Consumer demand for CAM continues to increase and organics are at an all-time high
An estimated $100 billion spent in 2014 in out of pocket for CAM tripled in one decade
Holistic living and buying is changing the landscape of U.S. consumers ever tired of toxins
Consumer demand has shifted the buying decisions of the world's largest retailers;
Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, & Costco whose new profits come from meeting public demand for organic

Answering the Needs of 158 Million U.S. Consumers

AlternaCare sponsorship is a unique position to let consumers know your brand is sensitive to their needs as statistics reveal:

Nearly 90% of Americans say it's important for businesses, government, and non-profits to collaborate and solve pressing social issues.


85% of Americans have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about.

79% of Americans say they switch from one brand to another brand if the other brand is associated with a good cause.

Corporate Sponsorship Options Include;

Charitable Donation Sponsorship - The AlternaCares fund set aside for financial subsidy for members who need a hand up not hand out. The AlternaCares Fund will assist financially qualified members who live the AlternaCare pledge.

Technology Sponsorship- Donations to AlternaCare helps us fund technology development based on DNA where we determine member adverse reactions to medicines that once identified, speak for us conscience or not because this critical information is stored on a wearable device (See Helo).

Associated with a mobile app means, this future plug and play device can share critical data with medical personnel. And unlocking DNA makes clear adverse reactions from unknown genetic facts that create a legal defense to refuse medical treatment.

DNA adverse reactions also significantly could reduce medical procedures that at present, are responsible for the third cause of death in the U.S., medical error.

AmpCoil Sponsorship- With 21st-century technology, AmpCoil has no equal in preventative care as it brings balance, health, wellness, and prevention through cutting-edge technology. For details see

Autobiography Sponsorship - Writing her biography "How Cancer Saved My Life, And How It Now Saves Yours Too" AlternaCare CEO & founder Kari Gray reveals her life story and the brave battle to fight cancer and the adversity of a grassroots self-funded movement that is AlternaCare.

Documentary Sponsorship- Funding "How Cancer Saved My Life, And How It Now Saves Yours Too" documentary is the riveting story of AlternaCare CEO & founder Kari Gray's terminal liver cancer survival story who went from cancer-survivor to cancer-thriver and built all that is AlternaCare.

AlternaCare Web TV Sponsorship - Bringing #LivePrevention to people in a Web TV series with guest interviews in ongoing work to shine a light on #LivePrevention.

#LivePrevention Movement Sponsorship - Distilling what #LivePrevention is, leads the way for people to implement living prevention in daily life is a movement to change futures and save lives.

AlternaCare Academy Sponsorship - Developing a continuing education curriculum to ensure AlternaCare members are knowledgeable in prevention ensures change in habits last because applied knowledge is power.

#MyExtremeHealthMakeOver Sponsorship - A future reality show built for TV takes the #LivePrevention Pledge to the next level as we document real-life struggles to turn peoples life and health around in unique reality TV.

AlternaCare Festival Sponsorship- Propelling the momentum for the #LivePrevention Movement allows us to come together and celebrate a life of vitality through festivals throughout the U. S. in the top 10 cities of people who #LivePrevention contest.

#PreventionNoPrescrition Radio Show Sponsorship- Aired on satellite radio ensures commuters stay current with #LivingPrevention as thought leaders in alternative medicine make an impact by increasing listeners knowledge.

Social Media Sponsorship - Taking the #LivePrevention movement viral is social media.
  • Additional Facts Reveal;

  • a. reports cause-related marketing is greatest among those most likely to make key purchasing decisions: women (84%), parents of young children (81%) and individuals (81%).
  • b. According to CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine), spending is expected to reach $100 Billion in out of pocket spending 2014. A 300% increase from $33 billion spent in 2007. 
  • c. Women according to the U.S. Census Bureau, control 85% of U.S. spending
  • d. As primary caregivers according to, "women make 91% of the buying decisions"
  • e. That translates into $91 of the $100 billion spent on CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) in 2014 by women
Additionally, women according to the U.S. Census Bureau control 85% of U.S. spending. As primary caregivers according to, "women make 91% of the buying decisions". This translates into $91 billion of the $100 billion spent on CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) in 2014 by women.

AlternaCare Sponsorship the 'Not-To-Be-Missed' Opportunity

As a woman founded and led nonprofit, AlternaCare has a unique appeal to women who feel their needs are met for a 'better than health insurance' solution. However, men too respond to AlternaCare as both genders seek better and more affordable care. And that makes sponsorship a unique marketing opportunity not-to-be-missed.

Harnessing the Consumer Spending Shift

Resolving the needs millions of health-centered people have, AlternaCare Corporate Sponsorship is there as savvy consumers search Google for a health insurance alternative. Dominating this space, sponsor support means your brand can make an impact by financial donations that make a difference in the quality of peoples lives. 
This is the power of nonprofit Sponsorship that connects consumers to increases your company's public relations today and tomorrow.
  • Strengthen Brand Loyalty
  • Drive New Sales
  • Achieve the 'Halo Effect' of Good Corporate Citizenship
  • Identify with a Growing Demographic of Consumers
  • Achieve New Profits
  • Increase Public Image
  • Enhance Brand Reputation
  • Increase Profitability

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