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Donations Make a Difference

Four years in the making with volunteer time, talent, passion, and determination, the AlternaCare Foundation is refreshingly unique. 

​​​​​​​A cause whose bottom line is people, and a mission defining what a nonprofit does in service to humanity, makes us refreshing. Instead of fixated on generating revenue to stay in the 'nonprofit business,' AlternaCare's innovation is the vision by serving people who resonate with this message.

Making change real means we need the financial support of people who love what this cause is about.

Donation Needs Include:

  • Membership

  • Time

  • Talent

  • Cash

  • Assets

  • Resources

  • Connections

  • Philanthropy

  • Sponsors

NonProfit Donations Support;

1. Platform -Donations are needed to fund the infrastructure needed to support our cause. Saving lives by educating people with truths suppressed by mainstream sources is why building our own platform is critical.

2. DNA Technology - Donations fund development of new technology based on DNA for personalized medicine. Using DNA to identify adverse reactions in medicine in advance of a medical emergency or care, speaks for us conscience or not.

Critical data stored in an app, shared with providers, and included in a smartphone and a wearable device ensures health professionals know our unique medical needs no matter the circumstance.

DNA can be used once opened to create a legal defense in refusing medical treatments identified as adverse by science.

DNA technology can reduce medical error by identifying adverse reaction without the adverse reaction happening which addresses the third cause of death in the U.S. medical error. Through DNA technology, is a significant prevention solution for members.
3. AmpCoil - Donations to AlternaCare will fund the purchase of AmpCoil technology where we bring balance, health, wellness, and prevention in cutting-edge technology (See Units ensure members have technology access in treatment to facilitate healing.

4. Autobiography - Donations fund the-to-be written autobiography, "How Cancer Saved My Life and How It Now Saves Yours Too" the AlternaCare CEO & founder Kari E. Gray's story of how a battle with terminal liver cancer, lead to creating all that is AlternaCare until we achieve corporate sponsors..

5. Documentary - Donations fund "How Cancer Saved My Life and How It Now Saves Yours Too" a to-be-developed documentary that tells the AlternaCare story until we achieve corporate sponsors..

6. AlternaCare Web TV - Donations fund the initial #LivePrevention to-be-developed Web TV series where guest experts provide prevention education until we achieve corporate sponsors.

7. #LivePrevention Movement - Donations propel the #LivePrevention movement to ensure all people know what #LivePrevention is until we achieve corporate sponsors.

8. AlternaCare Academy - Donations fund the education academy to ensure members know how to #LivePrevention every day until we achieve corporate sponsors..

9. #MyExtremeHealthMakeOver - Donations fund the to-be-developed reality show that takes the #LivePrevention Pledge by documenting real-life change that empower people whose lives and health are improved who implement #LivePrevention, until we achieve corporate sponsors.

10. AlternaCare Festival - Donations fund the to-be-developed AlternaCare Festival that propels the #LivePrevention Movement as we celebrate prevention together, until we achieve corporate sponsors.

11. #PreventionNotPrescrition Radio Show - Donations fund the to-be-developed radio show that keeps people current on #LivingPrevention, until we achieve corporate sponsors.

12. Crowd Funding - Donations to AlternaCare fund the to-be-developed crowdfunding campaign that help us grow our solution funding.

13. Social Media - Donations fund our to-be-developed #LivePrevention social media campaigns that propel the viral effect of social media and #LivePrevention.

14. Member Subsidy -Donations to the AlternaCares Fund one day will be there to provide deserving members with a subsidy who financially qualify and voted on by the members offering a hand up, not a hand out who #LivePrevention.

People - A people movement is only complete when passionate supporters are the backbone of what we do together. If you're ready to be a part, please fill out the form below and share your ideas to support this people movement for change to better health in our health care.

Time - People with limited resources who love what we're doing and can be a valuable part of AlternaCare as a volunteer by donating time, talent, etc. to help us help others. Please complete the form below and let's talk about your ideas to help.

Talent - Have a talent you want to donate to AlternaCare? Wonderful! Please complete the form below and let’s discuss your ideas for talent donation.

Cash - Want to make a donation and need to talk about it before you do? Donations are tax-deductible so please complete the form below to talk first.

Assets - Have an asset(s) you want to donate? Wonderful! Donations of assets are tax deductible so please complete the form below, and let’s talk to ensure your deduction is structured to best serve all of us.

Resources - Have other resources to offer as a donation? Fantastic! Please complete the form below and let’s discuss what your idea.

Connections - Have connections to important people or are you a person of influence? Please complete the form below and let’s talk about it.

Philanthropy - Helping our community is what philanthropic donors are assured when making a donation.  Please complete the form below to discuss your donation.

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