We know you are and we understand why. Health insurance is expensive and authentic health care is not what health insurance provides. Because health insurance is founded on conventional approaches, what is calls prevention is the contrary. Real prevention is NOT vaccines, NOT mammograms and NOT colonoscopies.                                                                                                                                                                                                             The truth is such treatments don't prevent but cause many health crisis...i.e. radiation causes breast cancer due exposure, vaccines contain high doses of heavy metals linked to a myriad of diseases such as the spike in Autism, and colonoscopy prevents nothing. 
That's why AlternaCare is a member-tribe deliver ing non-conventional answers. If you're ready for change we say Welcome! to the answers you've been searching for. 
In development is 'AlternaShare' the innovative replacement to conventional health insurance. Included for primary care is integrative, alternative and conventional medicine in one platform with out limits on use for a health need (not pre-existing). 
AlternaShare will redefine health care in the 21st century. Currently pre-enrollment is open and 2018 is the launch to the 'missing piece' in holistic living. As the better way to better health and healthcare, AlternaShare is the soulution solving not exploiting people who #LivePrevention. 


Details will be available in the coming weeks and only available to AlternaCare members who as members are the first to know the details and enrollment availability.


AlternaShare Provides:

Alternative, Integrative & Conventional medicine sharing

Saves $ vs. unsubsidized health insurance 
Caps out of pocket spending annually 
Use nationally or internationally  
Use for medical tourism
Not limited by a provider network
Use any provider of your choice
Not faith-based sharing
No federal penalty
No co-pay
HSA qualified for tax savings
Year-round enrollment
Saves money vs unsubsidized health insurance 
Provides better health care vs. health insurance
Provides bankruptcy intervention

   Watch These Videos to Understand      How AlternaShare Works

If you have questions about AlternaShare, once platform development is complete, we will provide a webinar to answer questions so you will know if AlternaShare is a fit for your health insurance replacement need. 

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