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  AlternaCare Delivers Innovative Soulutions People Need Today!

AlternaCare is a problem solving member community. Similar to Costco, we provide exclusive member-only benefits we call soulutions because they provide answers needed today. As a tribe for like-minded people, we come together and take the #LivingPrevention pledge whose member benefits include....

It's Time for Change

AlternaCare Member Benefits Include-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 #LivingPrevention Member Academy - Learn how to #LivePrevention instead of live in disease fear
Member Community - Connect with your tribe
Member Library - Expand your knowledge
Member Marketplace - Featuring tested and recommended products for prevention
Member Ambassador Program - Make money sharing AlternaCare Membership                               Member Asset Protection Program Access - The secret financial strategy of the 1%
Member Access to AlternaShare- the Healthy Insurance Alternative - Pre-enrollment now open

New Results Come From New Soulutions

                                                                                                                                                              We know you are and understand why because authentic prevention is not what conventional health insurance provides. The truth is prevention is not vaccinations, mammographies or colonoscopies. In fact prevention deception couldn't be farther from the truth. If you've been searching for an answer, AlternaCare is the way. We invite you as to join us as a member then pre-enroll in our innovative healthy insurance replacement called 'AlternaShare'.
For the first time is for primary care, conventional, integrative and alternative medicine in a what's best for the person soulution. This is the new paradigm for 21st century in healthy care. Yes, AlternaShare is a hybrid fusion that replaces health insurance when released in 2018. 
Including penalty protection, a MEC, no limits on health care costs, no network, choice in treatment and kinds of care makes AlternaShare the better way to better health and healthcare for AlternaCare members. For more information.....


AlternaCare is built on prevention truth and a pledge to create innovative soulutions that starts with the #LivingPrevention free ebook that ensures authentic health information is available to everyone. 




#PreventionLiteracy empowers members to learn how to prevent, even reverse health issues. When we know better, choose better, we can live better. #PreventionLiteracy empowers us with the know-how by replacing old ways with new preventions.


Empowering AlternaCare members with real prevention education is the #LivingPrevention Academy. Ensuring each AlternaCare members are on the same page makes prevention education critical.




                                                                                                                  No matter how preventative we are, health issues can happen. 
That's why AlternaCare is developing AlternaShare, the 'Healthy Insurance Alternative'. As a soulution that's better than health insurance, AlternaShare pre-enrollment is now open & released is scheduled in 2018.