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Bringing AlternaCare members answers to today's financial challenges is why after careful research, we include in membership, access an amazing soulution we call it AlternaTrust.
Unlike anything you've seen (or your attorney or CPA), is highly specialized and 100% legal strategy to eliminate taxes in your lifetime and protect your assets in a titanium vault of protection. How is all this possible you ask? It comes from a legal entity called a 'Spendthrift Trust'. 
A unique copyrighted legal structure protects what you work your life to achieve financially. As the 'legal secret' the 1% to structure fortunes and protect assets, AlternaTrust is now available to all AlternaCare members to empower you.


This powerful strategy is how the 1% amass fortunes legally without tax consequence. A soulution hidden from 99% of U.S. citizens, a Spendthrift Trust copywritten by Masters Trust of Rosen & Rosen Law Firm, Houston, TX is a specialized legal structure that is;






Compliant with IRS Rule 643


Ensuring your assets are 100% protected with guaranteed privacy while legally deferring (to the future) income tax liability enables you to build for tomorrow a fortress that's impenetrable by any court in the U.S.* or government in the world. (unless it's for illegal activities).


All the details are provided to members including conference calls to have all your questions answered by our experts in free no obligation consultation.