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To serve AlternaCare members who have critical health issues, cost sharing through AlternaShare don't qualify for cost sharing for 13 mo. We developed an innovative way to achieve predictable outcomes and restore health by using our non-toxic at home program. 
Made possible through proven science and emerging 21st century technology, AlternaTech delivers results 90+% of the time, to answer conditions from Lymes to diabetes, cancer and auto-immune disorders, and more. 
For people who want quality of life, AlternaTech is a wellness and restoration program not fixated on diagnosis but on fresh innovation. Highly effective recovery from a health crisis by treating the 'bioterrain' - is restoring cellular health, the building block of recovery. 
Focusing on cellular health takes a multi-faceted approach; removing toxins, microbes, and parasites includes restoring nutritional deficiencies and imbalances.  


Using science-based proven technology works on cellular wellness, AlternaTech brings PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency). Voice recognition biofeedback with a modified Tesla coil and structured water, supplements, coaching, and diet changes create the environment for healing and self-cure. 
Through PEMF sound therapy and structured water, we focus on cleaning the cells. Voice recognition technology creates individual treatments to help the body go from crisis to recovery. 
This proprietary technology provides personalized therapy using our own voice as the way to create our own custom sound therapy. Delivered through a powerful PEMF, sound waves produced by a specialized amplifier, create frequencies driven deep in our cells through the modified Tesla magnetic coil, balances and harmonize cells to nurture healthy cell growth and replace diseased cells for regeneration. 



                          Safe. Simple. NonToxic. Non-Invasive. Made for Everyone 
Non-toxic, non-invasive people-soulution combines structured water, supplements, sound therapy, diet, coaching and more to bring balance, nourishment, detoxification, hydration, etc. strengthens, restores and rejuvenates. 
Takes the body from disharmony and crisis to harmony and healing is the foundation of AlternaTech, no matter the disease. 


Focusing on the fact that we are 70%, water is our life. When water consumed is healthy, we are healthy. According to Dr. Patrica Knox, Ph.D., "In 70% of cases with patients, when water and hydration are right, diseases and chronic issues are resolved."
Until toxin overload is resolved, the healing process can't begin. With pure, clean, energized, structured water is energized and informational assist our organs with cleansing and flushing of parasites, pathogens and toxins. 
Water is complex and when structured and hydrogenated, water communicates information, carries energy, nutrients, and heals as it cleans toxins and waste. This is why AlternaTech includes whole house structured water as part of the wellness platform.
Designed for convenience and in-home use, AlternaTech means no commute to a provider. As a one-time purchase, costs range from $25,000-$40,000.00 (financing with approved credit is available or use of a crowdfunding platform is an option). This proven, tested, and cost-effective soulution includes education, technology, supplements, coaching and provider supervision to ensure your success and restored health is attainable. 
Integration of technologies that deliver results without adverse side effects, no prescription costs or complications, no commutes, no waiting, no stress, no hassle, AlternaTech is an all-in-one at home soulution exclusive for AlternaCare members in a health crisis. 
The All-In-One System
Learning how Living Prevention is the way to new results is why education is the first important step in wellness and recovery. This is provided through AlternaCare's Living Prevention Academy.


PEMF and Intra-cellular Reach is achieved through frequencies that penetrate deep into the body on an intra-cellular level. That stimulates microcirculation throughout the body and powerful PEMF system frequencies neutralize microbes, metals and toxins. 
This customized approach guarantees intracellular reach of all organs, lymph, blood and nerves simultaneously in a large radius field, even penetrating hollow organs. This distinct advantage to past technologies which address only one frequency at a time, do not penetrate hollow organs well, and cause overload due to constant non-fluctuating tones instead of using natural waves. 


Adding water as medicine, though frequently taken for granted because it is everywhere, is anything but common. Structured, energized, revitalized, activated water acts like a battery capable of storing energy and the human body, made of water means our water with more energy leads to a body with energy.  
With coaching and provider oversight including supplements needed to complete the cycle of healing means you have a system like nothing else for in-home healing.

Now's Your Chance For New Results!