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Helping businesses take a new approach to healthcare costs for employees is a model built on a 30-year legacy called medical cost sharing.  An industry who to date has one million members sharing over a billion dollars in medical costs, means sharing works.
As an industry who borrows from the best innovations, sharing is Uber instead of a taxi or Airbnb instead of a hotel chain. By providing for healthcare cost management without insurance, is how we ensure our AlternaCare group members reduce health costs for employees while improving the quality of care in treatment access.
We focus on a pledge to living prevention as a healthy lifestyle. When as a group we do, together, we build a new kind of healthy economy for employer groups. 
Centered on healthy living and sharing costs of medical care when they arise is why we are committed to empower groups with a high-end healthcare experience that delivers tremendous value for group as members and their families in better health care access and savings to all.


Medical cost sharing challenges the insurance status quo. Through an innovative layering of healthcare services, we enable groups to access high quality healthcare from alternative to integrative medicine with conventional medicine access included that's affordable, flexible and cost-effective.


In addition to sharing medical expenses, this platform includes access to Counseling, Medical Bill Negotiation, Telemedicine, Expert Second Opinion, and Personal Member Advisor services.
Meeting the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through an employer-sponsored self-insurance arrangement which includes Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) includes a small insurance policy for 64 services to keep you as a group administrator in compliance with the law.


Serving businesses looking for an alternative to the insurance, is medical cost sharing through AlternaGroup.