Financial Help When It's Needed Most
   AlternaCaring - The Hand Up in Times of Need 
Leaving no AlternaCare member in a life crisis, AlternaCaring is the answer when money is short 
from a documented;
1. Serious accident (after enrolled)
2. Job loss (primary - after enrolled)
3. Critical illness (before AlternaShare enrollment)
4. Death of a loved one (immediate family after enrolled) 
Trauma leaves an impact on income. That's why AlternaCaring provides a hand up when it's needed because life is unpredictable. 
The AlternaCare Foundation created AlternaCaring as the crowdfunding / media outreach for our tribe members who face hard times, are not alone. 
Raising money from the crowd through social media includes media outreach press release for Google rankings to create awareness and donations from more than friends and family. 
Built on social media, donations from family, friends, and strangers leverage tax-deductible donations to help cover expenses for AlternaCure and AlternaShare expense, ensuring members continue with benefits when it's most needed. 
AlternaCaring is a secure platform ensuring donation funds aren't mismanaged by going direct to cover program costs. 
As a humanitarian soulution there when unforeseen circumstances happen, AlternaCare members using AlternaCaring benefit from this 21st-century nonprofit paying it forward.