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AlternaCare is leading social change in the 21st-century with our #LivePrevention pledge. Through #PreventionLiteracy (course in development), AlternaCare members have the skills to know what real prevention is (and it's not what insurance or mainstream media says it is).

Yes, instead of promoting toxic medical procedures like health insurance 'prevention' (mammography or vaccinations), AlternaCare brings new solutions to outdated procedures with science and research serving our tribe.

AlternaCare brings to our member community #LivePrevention #PreventionLiteracy in order to distill heath truth from lies defined by independent science. Empowering members with prevention knowledge, AlternaCare members find authentic answers and solutions not found elsewhere because we're not founded on profiting from the conventional model.

Only when we know better can we can do better, with AlternaCare we can do both. And there's so much more.....

"U.S. healthcare has the poorest results at the highest per capita cost. That math works only for the corporations profiting from it."  

- Kari E. Gray, AlternaCare Founder & CEO

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   AlternaShare Includes

•Healthy Insurance Replacement
No Federal Penalty 
•Unlimited catastrophic care
•Holistic medicine for primary care
•No Copay
•Bankruptcy Prevention

•$500 per incident out of pocket
•Limit annual out of pocket
•HSA Qualified
•MEC for specific health services

•Cut costs 30-50%
•AlternaShare Ambassador Program

And more!

We don't need government or giant corporations to 'fix' healthcare. What we need are people ready for change to be the change they want to see. The 'fix' to healthcare starts with prevention education and implementation as we replace old ways with new, shift spending, can change happens.

“Insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results”.

- Albert Einstien

AlternaCare Does Far More

a For the people-movement
Spearheading the healthy insurance alternative movement, AlternaCare members #LivePrevention. For members who choose AlternaShare, savings of 30%, 40%, even 50% compared to unsubsidized health insurance premiums.

Saving members money is important, more important is the humanitarian work of saving lives by improving quality of life through better health and healthcare options. This is the AlternaCare mission.

If AlternaCare makes sense to you, join us by taking the #LivePrevention AlternaCare pledge TODAY!

Humanitarian Advocacy Serving  

People Ready for Change


Profit or People First?

When Medicine is for Profit  
Integrity is Sacrificed to Greed
The health insurance industry has studies (click here for the studies) that make clear at far less cost and far greater efficacy, alternative medicine saves money and lives. Yet, exclusive coverage for conventional medicine continues as alternative medicine remains rejected for primary care. The logical question is, if alternative medicine costs less and is more effective, why is it denied for primary care?

The simple answer, GREED. To understand follow the money and there emerges a dark 100+ year history of conventional medicine founded by billionaires of the 19th-century, who built the pharmaceutical empire.

Hijacking plant-based medicine when patent law prohibited what is found in nature to be controlled and exploited, Pharma waged war on holistic medicine and created a pseudo system to profit from treatments of diseases, not disease cures.

Fast-forward a century to today's 'disease-care’ and health insurance earns billions on what is called "healthcare". Not a broken system, conventional medicine is profit no matter the cost.

As one of the largest industries on the planet, disease-care is profitable and like a parasite, it needs dependent people to profit. That means if we want free we must be educated to live prevention and take back our power.

Please Click Here for the Documentary
'Cancer the Forbidden Cures' to Get the Facts

Can Truth in Health Be Found?

As millions search for trustworthy health information in order to make life decisions, mainstream 'experts' perpetrate misinformation and lies. That's why we need authentic, unbiased, scientific, trustworthy health information to ensure prevention is attainable.

Because most of us know little about our body and what it needs to stay in optimal health, we're vulnerable to exploitation. That's why it is critically important to know how our body 'whispers' when deficiencies, toxins, and imbalances are present, so we aren't forced to listen when it screams as chronic disease and illness result.

Statistics make clear;

70% of all deaths are caused by preventable, treatable diseases!

Our health problems aren't "The Trouble in Our Stars",

or in our DNA family history,

They're In Our Choices And Lifestyle!

The great news is we have the power to change our outcome. By being health educated action takers we must be our own health advocate. This is why AlternaCare is here to ensure you know how to be.
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"A Health System Profiting From Disease  

Sacrificed Integrity at the Altar of Greed" 

- Kari Gray, AlternaCare CEO & Founder

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We Understand

AlternaShare- Replacing Conventional Health Insurance

AlternaShare is the AlternaCare healthy insurance replacement serving this community with the healthy insurance replacement for alternative and conventional medicine in one solution. Think credit union vs. bank and you will see how instead of a corporation telling us our health care choice, through a self-fund health insurance replacement can we find answers to health insurance no corporation has ever provided.

AlternaCare Members #LivePrevention as the Best Medicine

In order to change the conversation and the results around health and health care, we must start with the most important part of the foundation, prevention is why when we #LivePrevention, we start to control the costs we each pay. 

The reality is no matter how preventive we live, life is unpredictable. That's why having a health insurance replacement there when we have a medical need is, what AlternaShare offers. By including alternative and conventional medicine in one solution, AlternaShare serves people in every state to ensure you have NO federal penalty.

Through an innovative fusion, AlternaShare limits out of pocket costs called the IUA (Individual Unshared Amount = like insurance deductible). AlternaShare members pay the first $500 for a health 'need', when needs are over $500, the balance is negotiated with the provider and shared with the community by our team at Sedera.

Once negotiated and shared, we as the member receive the money to pay our provider direct. It's that simple.

With AlternaShare, there are no copays, no huge deductibles, no ever-increasing premiums, no credit loss due to medical collections, no bankruptcy when unpaid medical make bankruptcy the only way out. 

How is all of this possible you ask?

Because enrolled AlternaShare members are not alone when health costs happen. Look carefully at the fact regarding insurance, most find out too late the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. among insured and uninsured is medical debt. Yes, millions find out too late health insurance leaves people financially vulnerable when catastrophic health issues happen, and policies pay 60%, 70%, 80%, or 90% of hospital bills. With hundreds of thousands of dollars, tens of thousands in personal debt is why bankruptcy happens for insured people too.

Sharing is not insurance but helps us because our team of expert negotiators at Sedera works with a provider(s) to achieve a reduced cash price. Once achieved, this is shared among the members to ensure we aren't left with unpaid collections, unlike health insurance. AlternaShare, managed by Sedera provides AlternaCare members an amazing solution for better health and health care for the 21st-century.

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