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Innovate. Educate. Prevent. Protect

Bringing Integrity Back to

Health Care For the People

Mission Statement

AlternaCare Foundation (formerly GreenSurance), is the first and only education community designed for health-conscious people who want answers to what living prevention really is. Dedicated to improving the quality of life, saving money, preventing lifestyle diseases and more for our member tribe is why this is the 'for-the-people' movement.

Founded on prevention, our fusion solution is to innovate. educate. prevent. protect. through our Healthy Insurance Alternative, AlternaShare who makes health insurance or 'going it alone', obsolete.

The AlternaCare Foundation is dedicated to saving lives by bringing honesty and integrity back to people long exploited by the health insurance industry, pharmaceutical conglomerates, conventional medicine, the food industry, government agencies, and nonprofits delivering empty promises.

AlternaCare Pledge

1. AlternaCare Prevention, Education & Neutrality - Developed for our like-minded tribe who believe a change in habits is where we have to start to control costs, we are 100% committed to serving members who take the AlternaCare Pledge. Committed to dispense truth to AlternaCare members in our continuing education is based on independent science. As a politically and religiously neutral foundation, we have no special interests, political aspirations, affiliations or religious creeds.

2. Healthy Insurance Alternative Innovation - AlternaShare is our innovative alternative to health insurance AlternaCare members enroll in. AlternaShare includes evidence-based holistic modalities for primary care instead of conventional toxic treatments when such is not the best option. Ensuring members with conventional medicine when it is the best option, is the AlternaShare standard of health care for the 21st-century.

3. Saving Health and Money - Understanding the domino effect, how one thing leads to another, is where saving health and money for AlternaCare members is our commitment. Through our subscription-based membership, we deliver continuing education (members area in development) where coaching and tested solutions ensure members who follow the information see results they can rely on. For AlternaCare members who enroll in AlternaShare, each resolves the burden of;

High health insurance premiums
Limits on alternative medicine
Self-pay for holistic primary care
Federal Penalty
Large deductibles

And Have:

Lower costs compared to unsubsidized premiums
Save hard-earned money
Have inclusion of all medicine
Enjoy tax savings of an HSA
Use HSA for holistic

Access a MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage) for penalty protection
Cap on out of pocket (IUA)
Share costs over $500

4. Real Choice - AlternaShare provides the legitimate third option to members who want real choice instead of health insurance or no insurance. AlternaShare members 'platinum standard' for health and vitality care starts with their AlternaCare prevention education as the first choice. If health issues happen, with AlternaShare, we have the real choice for real care as the real guarantee.

5. Best of All - As the 'best of all medicine' AlternaShare members have no arbitrary limits by health insurance. Instead, we have access to the best in 21st-century healthcare including holistic when it costs less and is more effective.

6. Penalty Protection - Innovation through incorporating a MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage) ensures AlternaShare members are exempt from penalty by meeting the law's requirement for ACA penalty.

7. Holistic Medicine for Primary Care - Ensuring people who choose natural treatments to have no limits in the kinds of modalities they need means the insurance glass ceiling on natural medicine is over!

8. AlternaCare Community- Serving our tribe who meet the following criteria is AlternaCare.

Agree to become AlternaCare health educated
Eager to implement change instead of excuses

Ready to or are living AlternaCare prevention
Take the AlternaCare Pledge
Commit to the AlternaCare lifestyle
Want holistic medicine for primary care and conventional medicine when needed
Chose to be their own informed health advocate
Ready to know the truth about prevention 
Eager to join with like-minded people who share a common lifestyle


9. No One Goes It Alone Financially - AlternaCare membership includes AlternaShare the Healthy Insurance Alternative ensuring no member enrolled faces qualified health costs alone.


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