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How Cancer Saved My Life

 And How It Now Saves Yours Too!

                                                                                                Humble Beginnings - The Ripple Effect


The AlternaCare story begins when founder and CEO, Kari E. Gray at age 25 went for a routine physical and soon found her life spinning like a spiral out of control no one could have foreseen.

When lab work results opened Pandora's box, what started with an MS diagnosis was followed by more lab tests and a referral to a specialist whose news was far more devastating than MS.

With three daughters, 1, 3 and 9, Kari relates the happening of that fateful day, "Coming in the exam room the Dr. gently broke the news. "It appears from the follow-up labs you don't have MS....that's the good news.....however,..... your tests reveal you have terminal liver cancer." Gasping for air I asked, "What are my options?" His reply, "Because of its late stage, there are no options. Your cancer is too advanced for chemo and radiation to be of use, and there's nothing else we can do. At this point I think it's best you go home, get some rest, and make your arrangements. Please know how sorry I am, I wished there was more we could do."

Left sitting alone, the shock was surreal

Kari tried to compose her emotions soon found the drive home nearly impossible as the torrent of tears streamed down her face. Dismantling a vibrant woman to broken without hope left in her into despair, depression, devastation, and debilitation.

Kari relates, "I found cancer diagnosis like a voracious beast whose insatiable appetite paralyzes all in its path. The day I was diagnosed is forever etched in my mind, you just don't forget seeing your life and all it would have been, pass in front of you".

Looking back, Kari today attributes the strength to press on despite her diagnosis to the power of prayer. With a faith stronger than adversity, it was Kari's love for her children pushed her through fear to not give up.

As Kari relates. "At first I was in bed for days, all I could do was hold my babies cry and pray.  I replayed the haunting movie in my mind of their future, how every part of their lives would be forever scarred if I wasn't there. I beseeched Jehovah God for the wisdom to know what to do, completely overwhelmed, paralyzed with fear and confusion, it was one of the darkest points of my life."

Reliving the memory, Kari is taken back to a dark time in her life. As she relates, "I was blessed with many epiphanies that gave light to my heart. Like a candle in dense darkness, hope is the light that grows strength and determination to not give up."

As a young mothers life hung in the balance, a family soon would be shattered when another ‘too-young’ cancer fatality would happen. In retrospect, Kari knows the strength to press on began with the power of prayer that changed her thinking.

"What the mind believes the body achieves"

As a terminal cancer conqueror knows, believing you are dying is the first step to doing so. Once a diagnosis is in your psyche, a shift happens when a medical expert pronounces the death sentence and its when the dying process begins.

Godly wisdom was the blessing of prayers continue to guide Kari. What Kari says is she came to realize she was dying in her mind. It was this realization she determined what was needed was to hear no more bad news.

Determined to find hope the thought, “What if there’s something Dr.’s don’t know?” gave Kari courage to search for answers and not give up. Channeling a determined personality to exhaust all options, transformed Kari from bedridden to refusing to give up.

Finding an option years before the internet was no small task. Determined, a mother's love is a powerful force. Committed to her children the thought if she lost her battle, the legacy would be a mom who never gave up for their sake.

In time, changed thinking changed energy and that put Kari on a new path to a new life purpose and course. Despite ridicule of family and her doctor, the stage was set for the journey ahead.

That's When Kari's Life Shifted

Now for the first time, Kari set out to find hope in natural medicine when she went for a first-time consult with a naturopath. "There skepticism and fear turned to advocacy when without knowledge of the medical diagnosis or lab tests, my naturopath diagnosed terminal liver cancer through kinesiology".

Struggling to break the news Kari relates, "I put the practitioner at ease when I confirmed I already knew. What followed was the first voice of hope. When I was asked if "I believe it". My response, "I don't want to, that's why I am here. Those few words shifted the course of my life. What followed was an offering for a protocol that was "aggressive, life-changing, denied by health insurance, expensive if I was 100% committed" gave me a second chance because I was young".

As Kari explains, "This single decision was easy. What followed not so much. I had to make big changes in every part of my life with very limited time to do so. With no time to waste, I committed to doing such even though it was a lot to change. That's where having children really kept me on track and was a huge impetus in what I had to live for."

Kari's protocol included;

  • Health Education
  • Organ Cleanses
  • Detoxification
  • Supplements
  • Practitioner Visits
  • Bodywork
  • Total Dietary Change
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Health Equipment Purchases
  • Travel Expenses
  • Emotional Clearing
  • Stress Reduction
  • Lost Income
  • Increased Business Expenses

The results of a rigorous regimen were thousands of dollars. And it was then Kari opted to submit receipts to her then health insurance company and it was this decision that shifted Kari's life course.

A prompt denial of benefits letter set the stage

" I decided to submit receipts for all I was investing in. While I didn't expect to be reimbursed, as a business person I knew it was a lot of money I was spending, yet a fraction of what the insurance company would spend on chemo and radiation. I tested my theory and what I got in return was a prompt denial letter. It was then I realized how wrong health insurance is. I wanted to do something to help people who weren't in the position financially to do all of this. The thought brought a sickening dread that made me want to fight the decision. I knew my battle was with cancer first, and lowering my stress was my focus.", says Kari.

Within a year of diagnosis, came news of a miraculous second chance at life proving the money spent was an investment in a future conventional medicine couldn’t offer.

The strength to survive in time become the strength to thrive 

Today Kari calls all that happened her "reluctant leader training". With remission came a new chapter in her life. When she set out to purchase what she thought was the obvious, alternative medicine health insurance, Kari found herself on a two-decade in-vain search without answers. 
When the next door opened in 2012 when Kari relocated to Hawaii. There for the first time in a thirty year professional career, Kari accepted a career change to insurance.
Now the stage was set for a talented entrepreneur as a licensed insurance professional to discover the ‘key’ that would unlock what she searched for since remission in 1989.
Kari soon discovered why health insurance denies natural medicine despite costing far less and being far more cost-effective. With new skills to do something about her burning desire to 'pay it forward', Kari was ready to make good on a promise to a friend dying of lung and colon cancer before moving to Hawaii, who couldn't afford to pay for alternative medicine treatments out of pocket.
As a humanitarian saw inside the insurance industry including the money-obsessed corporate agenda, Kari knew she needed to make a change.....



Finding the AlternaCare Tribe

Ever-determined in July 2013, Kari began an online conversation at Green-Surance.com for pre-enrollment in natural medicine health insurance. The response made clear wheels of change were turning.

Searching the internet came people excited at what Green-Surance presented. That propelled Kari to continue finding a solution as website visitors related how insurance did them wrong. This constant theme made clear insurance fraud goes both ways when insurance companies defraud people by not paying legitimate claims premiums are built on. This ‘dirty secret’ is how year-end profit sharing fills pockets of insurance exec’s, adjusters, and stockholders which made Kari evermore determined to find an answer.

Then frustration mounted when no matter the insurance company approached, the request to underwrite the GreenSurance policy went unanswered.

Researching Obamacare, Kari was determined to find an answer. And there she did. Setting out to partner with an organization who brought Kari's vision to fruition through a health insurance replacement called sharing used by faith-based groups. 

Creating an alliance with one group who agreed to include alternative medicine sharing as Kari proposed provided ACA penalty protection. That's when Kari launched GreenSurance as a beta project in 2015 to serve members with a ‘better than health insurance’ program."

Kari's vision grew when realizing inclusion of alternative medicine was not the complete answer. And when the cost share management failed to live up to promises made, Kari closed GreenSurance in April 2017.

For months after, she and her team worked tirelessly on the AlternaCare vision to be 'The Healthy Insurance Alternative'.

Now writing her life story in an autobiography called,

“How Cancer Saved My Life and How It

Now Saves Yours Too”

is the harrowing journey of a pioneer whose near-death experience was her wake up call. And whose life story gave vision to an innovation that is today, AlternaCare. Passionate and committed to solutions that improve the quality of lives, AlternaCare's prevention literacy is part of the AlternaCare mission.

Seeking to ensure alternative medicine is the right for people in primary care, Kari founded AlternaCare as a nonprofit division of the Eco Angels Foundation. As a grassroots community, AlternaCare is made possible by volunteers and generous donations who love the vision and ensure its ongoing mission.

As the visionary and CEO of AlternaCare, Kari has many, many plans for more solutions including her autobiography and a documentary as part of the AlternaCare story that needs to be told.