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We know you are that's why you're here. AlteraCare is an organic nonprofit built on a new paradigm. leading the grassroots #liveprevention movement, alternacare promotes empowerment through #preventionliteracy. and through our healthy insurance alternative for the 21st century,  alternacare is here to serve people ready for change to real health care.

Welcome to alternacare.


  • Bringing Truth to What Real Prevention Is
  • Through #PreventionLiteracy #LivingPrevention is Clear
  • Leading the #PreventionLiteracy Movement 
  • Raising Money for #PreventionLiteracy
    The Solution for People Who Want Change
  • The Humanitarian Advocacy for Today!
  • Serving People Ready to Escape Disease-Care System
  • Committed to Serve Those Committed to living #PreventionLiteracy


Starts With





Organic Food

Holistic Lifestyle

Alternative Medicine

The State of U.S. Health & Health Care

Cancer in 1900 struck 1 in 20, today it is 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women
Cancer is the #1 childhood disease
The WHO predicts cancer will increase 70% by 2035
Legionnaires' disease in the US is up 450% in 15 years
Chronic diseases is #1 cause of death and disability in U. S.
133 million in U.S. 45% have at least one chronic disease
Chronic diseases is preventable & reversed via lifestyle changes
CDC identifies three risk factors – poor diet, inactivity, and smoking cause 80% of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and 40% of cancer!
9 million (1 in 6 kids ages 6–19) are overweight more than triple from 1980
Every 30 seconds a lower limb is amputated from diabetes
U.S. kids with autism are up 78% in past decade alone
Health care premiums have increased 87% since 2000
Health care costs for chronic condition are five times higher than for those without
People with chronic conditions account for 81% of hospital admissions; 91% of all prescriptions and 76% of all physician visits
U.S. spends twice the next advanced nation at over $10,000.00 per person annually
U.S. healthcare is rated last of all advanced nations, at #37
70% of all deaths are the result of preventable, treatable chronic disease

If you're ready for the change to real health care, AlternaCare leads the way with #PreventionLiteracy through #LivePrevention. When informed, committed people gather who refuse to be manipulated by pharma and the 'disease-care' system shift how health care dollars are spent, can we be the change we each want to see.

AlternaCare is the solutions for change found nowhere else. For more info please CLICK HERE

"Corporations & nonprofits for decades exploit public trust. Now exposed through #PreventionLiteracy the #LivePrevention campaign is a refreshing change for the people by the people."       

Kari E. Gray, AlternaCare Founder & CEO

 #LivePrevention Avoid List

We Must Know What Real Prevention Is

  • Aluminum - nuerotoxin used in antiperspirant, cookware, foil, drink containers, medicine, etc.
  • BPA & Plastics – toxin
  • Mercury – nuero toxin in amalgams, medicine, vaccines, eye drops, etc.
  • Artifical Colors, Flavors etc. - toxin if it says artificial don't eat it
  • If you can't pronounce it - avoid it - toxin
  • High fructose sugar - excitotoxin
  • MSG - toxin
  • Glutamate – preservative toxin
  • Bromine added to white flour toxin
  • Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides- toxins in conventionally grown food
  • Vaccinations – toxic containing heavy metals as a preservative and far more
  • Fluoride – toxin in municipal water, toothpaste, dentistry, etc.
  • Smoking- toxin anything including vapes
  • Tobacco - toxin in any form
  • Chewing - toxin substances such as betel nut, tobacco etc.
  • Prescriptions when diet and lifestyle can eliminate - toxin
  • Chlorine - toxin
  • Mammography - radiation toxin
  • Radiation / Chemo - toxin
  • Blood - toxin in food or medical procedures – nonblood alternatives are available
  • Growth hormones - toxin
  • Hydrogenated oil - toxin
  • Processed food - toxin
  • Artificial colors - toxin
  • Aspartame - toxin
  • Alcohol abuse - toxin
  • Sedentary life – exercise 3 x’s per week
  • Teflon cookware - toxin
  • Some Over the Counter medicine- hazardous
  • Some antidepressants - toxin
  • Medications for incontinence
  • Certain narcotic pain relievers
  • Statin drugs - toxin
  • Processed white table salt - toxin
  • Processed white flour - toxin
  • Processed white sugar - toxin
  • Microwave cooking - toxin
  • Smart meters - toxin
  • Carbonation - toxin
  • Toxic emotions & people - toxin
  • And more as information as made available

Join the #LivePrevention Movement

Commit to Yourself

#liveprevention by incorporating-

  • Living a holistic lifestyle
  • Eat organic as much as possible
  • Practice forgiveness of myself and others
  • Protect and strengthen immune system
  • Be active daily
  • Supplement
  • Commit to lower stress & anxiety living
  • Spend time in nature
  • Practice love good health comes from love
  • Dedicate time monthly to increase health education
  • Grounding touch the Earth
  • Limit cell phones & tablets use headset and corded phones when possible
  • Turn off w-fi when not in use
  • Let go of negative emotions
  • Eat a nutritiously balanced diet
  • Be willing to change
  • Follow #LivePrevention
  • Cleanse & Detox

AlternaCare The Humanitarian Cause

Doing what no other nonprofit is, AlternaCare is committed to solving social issues instead of profiting from them. Raising the bar for nonprofits by being another vanilla nonprofit 'raising money for awareness' or 'research for a cure'. This mantra preys on unsuspecting people whose sympathy and fear drives revenue to the nonprofit delivers little more than decades of empty promises back to the people.

This point is clear by looking at some of the largest of nonprofits. In example, the 'pink ribbon' marketing campaign, 'Hope for a Cure'. Raising hundreds of millions from the public this foundation also receives tens of millions in Pharma donations. The conflict? Pharma profits from treating not curing cancer as it heinously suppresses cures for decades. This is the sinister and blood-stained legacy of Big Pharma. A clear conflict of interest betraying the trust of unsuspecting people as nonprofits continue to profit executives in multi-million dollar salaries.

The AlternaCare Foundation is dedicated to saving lives by bringing honesty and integrity to people long exploited. Doing what no other nonprofit is, AlternaCare is leading social responsibility through our #PreventionLiteracy education and our #LivePrevention campaign, PLUS our Healthy Insurance Alternative, AlternaShare.

Now we invite you to support the cause here solving problems not exploiting them.
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