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Now is an exciting time because as you will soon understand, healthcare for the 21st-century looks refreshingly different. Together we have the power to change what is long past due. Answering the ever-pressing need for a cost-effective health insurance replacement, AlternaCare provides this and so much more.

NOT HEALTH INSURANCE, AlternaCare is a movement inviting like-minded people, our tribe, to our join us as we bring organic solutions to the health insurance nightmare. Through a group innovation, the most revolutionary health insurance replacement in history, AlternaCare provides the clear answer for health-minded people are ready to invest in their health and in staying healthy.

Our member-exclusive benefit focus is raising the standard of healthcare that includes an affordable solution called, 'sharing'. This is one benefit AlternaCare members have access to. Through 'AlternaShare' is the better way to better health care. 

A members-only health insurance replacement that even includes unlimited medicine; holistic to conventional AlternaShare serves people who choose prevention as the best medicine. However, even in prevention health issues happen, and that's when having the right to choose alternative medicine is now an AlternShare member option for primary care! Of course, when it makes the most sense, conventional medicine is always an AlternaShare member option too.

We believe the 'platinum standard' of health care is to put 'health' back in our care. That is the AlternaCare agenda. Instead of the conventional health insurance 'pill for our ills' prescription-dependent system, AlternaCare members who enroll in AlternaShare, have a no-insurance alternative that even includes functional and alternative medicine for primary care which makes AlternaShare simply amazing!

AlternaCare Does Far More

a For the people-movement
Spearheading change in the conversation around health and health insurance alternatives, AlternaCare members are a tribe of like-minded people replacing old ways with new.

Doing so, AlternaCare members who enroll in AlternaShare save 30%, 40% even 50% compared to unsubsidized health insurance premiums!

While saving members money is important, more important is the humanitarian work of helping members know how to live prevention and thrive in vitality as we save lives.

If AlternaCare makes sense to you, join us by taking the AlternaCare pledge TODAY!

Humanitarian Advocacy Serving  

People Ready for Change


Profit or People First?

When Medicine is for Profit  
Integrity is Sacrificed for Greed
To better understand why healthcare and insurance are such a complicated problem, we need to look back in history and follow the money. There we see conventional medicine exclusive coverage, despite the health industry studies that make clear at far less cost, and far greater efficacy is alternative medicine.

So the question remains, why isn't alternative medicine for primary care included? The reason is simple, GREED. Follow the blood money trail and there you find the dark 100-year history of conventional medicine founded by pharma, who hijacked what for thousands of years, was medicine founded in nature.

But everything changed when patent law prohibited what is found in nature to be controlled. That's when a handful of wealthy elite capitalized on the basic human need for health and then suppressed real medicine, to create a pseudo-system that profits from diseases, not from cures.

Fast-forward a century later, the 'sick-care system’ paid for by health insurance profits by the billions and what is called "broken" is doing exactly what it was crafted to do, profit at all cost, no matter the cost.

Health care is one of the largest industries on the planet. And like a parasite who needs a host, conventional medicine needs sick, dependent, undereducated people to profit. And now required by law to be insured and penalized when not, the profits roll in at an unprecedented level as the burden remains on the people.

Click Here for the documentary, Cancer the Forbidden Cures to get the facts

Statistics Reveal-

  • U.S. population is sicker than ever
  • We spend twice that of the next advanced nation over $10,000.00 per person annually
  • U.S. healthcare is rated last of all advanced nations at #37
  • 70% of all deaths come from preventable, treatable diseases
  • With the worst results and spending the most, this math works only for the corporations who profit from it.

But we have the power to change how our story is told.

It starts with a commitment people disgusted and ready to be the change. Becoming an educated health advocate who refuses to be manipulated by the system is why when we join together, shift how we spend our money can we make change real. 

This is the AlternaCare promise. 

Can Truth in Health Be Found?

Millions of us search for trustworthy health information in order to make the decisions that lead to a healthy life. And because we base such decisions and then lifestyle on the information means, we need trustworthy information from authentic, unbiased sources.

However, the reality is much of the health information spread is not honest, unbiased or trustworthy. In fact, much of the so-called 'health advice' spread by the media from the 'authority' is confusing at best and worse, because so much comes from 'bought science' it's deceitful and outright wrong.

So who can we trust?

Follow the money and there you always find the truth like the tobacco science perpetuated lies and colluded with pharma made trillions at the cost of how many lives by hiding the hazards of tobacco for decades.

While most of us know little about our body, and how it works, that makes us vulnerable to the 'experts' to provide trustworthy information. The reality is if we learn how simple the body is essentially including how to read the signals it sends deficiencies and imbalances are first present, we would almost never have a disease. But that's not the reality. Because when deficiencies, toxicity, and imbalances are left unchecked, such undermine our health, our vitality and put us on the road to disease and the spiral of issues that result.

And so critical is the need to understand this fact that statistics make clear this point when they reveal 70% of deaths come from preventable, treatable diseases, 70%! 

That’s why knowing the truth that health problems aren't "in our stars" or "in our DNA", they aren't in our family history they are in our choices and lifestyle and we have the power to choose wisely.

Thus the great news is we have the power to reverse many diseases by making better choices. And only until we know the power of our choice can prioritizing and protecting our health be the result. 

That's why the AlternaCare member mission is to provide the needed Innovation that Educates members to know how to live Prevention so that if something should happen, together we Protect each other by sharing health costs.


"A Health System Profiting From Disease 

Sacrificed Its Integrity at the Altar of Greed" 

Kari Gray AlternaCare CEO & Founder

Have Questions? 

We Understand

AlternaShare the 

'Better Than Health Insurance' Solution!

The Answer is Change

If you’re ready for the change in your health care this is your chance to join AlternaCare. When each member takes the AlternaCare Pledge, this is part of the change t lower costs - and live a more healthy tomorrow!


                                                                                              The Answer is Sharing

Sharing is how we financially prepare for the unknown instead of relying on health insurance to be there. In use for 30 years by faith-based groups who self-fund health costs without health insurance, sharing does what insurance does and more. And now through AlternaCare, we don't need faith-based groups to share health expenses with because we have our own group!

The Answer is AlternaCare

Think of sharing health costs like buying health insurance at wholesale. That’s the difference members experience when they make the switch to sharing. And now fusing the advantages of being part of a group health insurance alternative through AlternaShare, is an exclusive right only AlternaCare members receive!

AlternaCare the Humanitarian Nonprofit Mission

Doing what no nonprofit anywhere is, AlternaCare is here to solve many social issues around the U.S. health care system and the lack of health in the care.

So inventive is AlternaCare, that we are not just another nonprofit 'raising money for awareness', or 'money for research', the A-typical mantra of nonprofits who plead on sympathy for donations and all too often deliver empty promises, not solutions.
In fact, so corrupted have some of the most successful nonprofits become, they just as much a part of the healthcare problem, i.e. Susan B. Komen's "Hope for a Cure" accepts millions in Pharma donations while cures for cancer are abundant in alternative medicine, as the problem itself.

A public fraud used by very wealthy nonprofits who compromise the integrity of why people donate. In the nonprofit space, the view is, if we create a solution, then we have no more need to be here. And so in the non-profit business model, they need the problem to continue so they can continue as the dollars pour in.

AlternaCare refuses to follow this method.

Instead, we invested years developing and testing solutions to resolve problems health insurance and health problems create. Now we're answering public outcry for a solution to the economic hardship of escalating premiums and penalty as millions are adversely affected by ever-rising health insurance premiums.

The truth is 'reform' won't come from 'replace and repeal'. Why you ask? Because for each Congressional official, pharma has three lobbyists ensuring it's protected and the health insurance lobbyists do the same. That's why giant corporations are running the government and the agency's thought to protect the people. Private interest always displaces public interest as table funds the 'bills' that protect the system.

The great news is we don't need government or giant corporations to 'fix' healthcare. All we need are people ready for change to be the change the want to see. Because only real change replaces old ways with new. And that ultimately means we must shift how we spend our dollars because until we do, new outcomes will never happen.

“Insanity is doing the same things over and over

again expecting different results”. Albert Einstien