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AlternaCare is a refreshing non profit leading social change with our #liveprevention movement. A holistic prevention education member community answering what #livingprevention is. Yet AlternaCare is so much more.

Founded on prevention and education, AlternaCare serves our like-minded member tribe who believe the way to quality of life and lower health costs starts with health educated people who #liveprevention as the common denominator.

The AlternaCare mission is to replace the 'disease-model-managed-care-prescription-dependent-system with the living a life of vitality solution that includes freedom from the conventional mindset in 2018 and beyond.

Starting with the #liveprevention pledge, each AlternaCare member is provded the knowledge to know what #livingrealprevention is. A humanitarian cause empowering people ensures lifestyle change last a lifetime because #New-Years-resolutions-dont-change-old-habits.

Through continuing education, our AlternaCare members area (in development) will distill health lies from truth as defined by independent science. With a holistic approach to solving health challenges is refreshing and not offered by health insurance or conventional medicine.

Committed to serving members who take the #liveprevention AlternaCare Pledge, enrollment open in 2017. Now answering the pressing need for a cost-effective health insurance replacement for 2018, ALternaCare is NOT HEALTH INSURANCE but through our group "Healthy Insurance Alternative" called 'AlternaShare', do members replace health insurance with something far better.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             AlternaCare Membership 


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   AlternaShare Includes

•Healthy Insurance Replacement
No Federal Penalty via the MEC
•Unlimited catastrophic care
•Holistic medicine for primary care
•No Copay
•Bankruptcy prevention

•$500 per incident cap
•Cap on annual out of pocket
•HSA Qualified
•MEC for specific services
•Cut costs for health care 30-50%
•AlternaShare Ambassador Program

And still more!

AlternaShare Replaces Conventional Health Insurance

AlternaShare is the 'for-the-people-by-the-people' group health insurance replacement serving the needs of health-committed people ready for health in health care. AlternaShare is a health insurance alternative for AlternaCare members that includes alternative and conventional medicine. Designed exclusively for AlternaCare members who #livepreventionasthebestmedicine, 
AlternaShare is an affordable alternative to health insurance. Even protecting AlternaShare members from federal penalty, this innovative fusion of financial solutions ensures members with the right to choose holistic medicine for primary care or conventional medicine when its the needed choice.

And there's still more.....

AlternaShare caps out of pocket costs by limiting what we pay in an IUA (Individual Unshared Amount = deductible). At only $500 IUA (deductible) AlternaShare ends copay's, huge deductibles, ever-increasing premiums, even credit and bankruptcy because as a group, we're not alone. Here to prove it costs less to keep people healthy than prescription dependent, coming together to share medical costs is AlternaShare.

Bottom line, if the conventional 'pill for all ills' prescription-dependent offer isn't for you, this is your chance to be part of an amazing opportunity solution for better health and healthcare for the 21st-century. It starts with the AlternaCare #liveprevention Pledge & membership. (Enrollment is coming soon)

AlternaCare Does Far More

a For the people-movement
Spearheading the health insurance alternative movement, AlternaCare members as a tribe replace old ways with new by first being educated in #livingprevention and then by enrolling in AlternaShare save 30%, 40%, even 50% compared to unsubsidized health insurance premiums!

While saving members money is important, even more important,  the humanitarian work of saving lives and improving the quality of life is the AlternaCare mission. 

If AlternaCare makes sense to you, be sure to join us by taking the #liveprevention AlternaCare pledge TODAY!

Humanitarian Advocacy Serving  

People Ready for Change


The State of U.S. Health & Health Care

Cancer in 1900 struck 1 in 20, today it is 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women
Cancer is the #1 childhood disease
The WHO predicts cancer will increase 70% by 2035
Legionnaires' disease in the US is up 450% in 15 years
Chronic diseases is #1 cause of death and disability in U. S.
133 million in U.S. 45% have at least one chronic disease
Chronic diseases is preventable & reversed via lifestyle changes
CDC identifies three risk factors – poor diet, inactivity, and smoking cause 80% of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and 40% of cancer!
9 million (1 in 6 kids ages 6–19) are overweight more than triple from 1980
Every 30 seconds a lower limb is amputated from diabetes
U.S. kids with autism are up 78% in past decade alone
Health care premiums have increased 87% since 2000
Health care costs for chronic condition are five times higher than for those without
People with chronic conditions account for 81% of hospital admissions; 91% of all prescriptions and 76% of all physician visits
US spends twice the next advanced nation over $10,000.00 per person annually
U.S. healthcare is rated last of all advanced nations at #37
7 out of 10 or 70% of all deaths come from preventable, treatable diseases

If you're ready for change, it starts with commitment to change as a change-maker. AlternaCare mission is educate members who refuse to be manipulated by the system. Join us and shift how you spend your money and become part of the change you want to see NOW!

"U.S. healthcare has the poorest results at the highest per capita cost. That math works only for the corporations profiting from it."      

Kari E. Gray, AlternaCare Founder & CEO

Profit or People First?

When Medicine is for Profit  
Integrity is Sacrificed to Greed
The health insurance industry has studied (the studies here) at far less cost and far greater efficacy is alternative medicine. Yet exclusive protection remains for decades on conventional medicine. The logical question is if it costs less then why is it still denied for primary care? The reason is simple, GREED.

To understand why conventional health insurance is complicated we must look at where conventional medicine exclusive coverage began. Follow the money and there emerging is the dark 100+-year history of conventional medicine who founded by billionaires of the 19th-century, built the pharmaceutical industy. 

Like a mafia, health care hijacking happened when patent law prohibited what is found in nature, to be patented, exploited and controlled. Lusting to capitalize on the basic human right for health meant nearly destroying the body of knowledge around real medicine. Creating a pseudo-system bent on profit from disease not from curing it, the health insurance industry collaborated to profit from the system.

Fast-forward a century and the 'sick-care’ and health insurance systems profit by the billions. Since Obamacare, the largest insurer United Healthcare earned unprescidented profits in 2014 & 2015 who backed out before paying claims in 2016. 

Seeing 'health care' as a broken system, the truth is, it is a system doing  it was crafted to do, profit at all cost, no matter the cost.

Today, conventional health care is one of the largest industries on the planet proving a disease-based system profitable. Like a parasite who needs a host, conventional medicine requires sick, dependent, under-health educated, manipulated, intimidated, too-busy people to take action people to profit. 

Now required by law to be insured or penalized, billions in profits are  the reality as people and practitioners are the sacrificial lamb to the insurance industrial complex.

For the Facts, Please See 'Cancer the Forbidden Cures' to get the facts

Can Truth in Health Be Found?

As millions of people search for trustworthy health information to follow, we find the 'experts' share misinformation. From the government recommended 'healthy food pyramid' to media and
the 'how-to's' for a healthy living means what is really needed is authentic, unbiased, scientific
and trustworthy information. However, the reality is much of what is spread as 'health information' 'authority' sources are not honest, unbiased, trustworthy, scientific, have integrity, or based on prevention.

Especially is this the case when the 'health advice' comes from "tobacco science", studies the result of 'bought science'. A little-known fact in many of the 'studies' promoted as fact are funded by greed-driven corporations whose financial agenda is their bottom line, not your safety and well- being. Amplifying the urgency are myriads of health dangers in our food, water, air, and soil.

In addition, because most know little about our body and what is needed to stay in optimal health, that makes us vulnerable to exploitation. Thus critically important is understanding how the body 'whispers' when deficiencies, toxins, and imbalances are present, so we aren't forced to hear it scream when disease is manifest.

Statistics make clear;

70% of deaths are from preventable, treatable diseases

Most health issues aren't "the trouble in our stars",

or in our DNA pre-determined by family history,

They Are In Our Choices And Lifestyle!

This is great news because it means we have the power to change our outcome by becoming an educated health advocate. As an action implementor empowered with the truth only happens when our health is our priority, ensuring we are not a statistic!

So if you're ready to join us, click below.


"A Health System Profiting From Disease Care 

Sacrificed Its Integrity at the Altar of Greed" 

Kari Gray AlternaCare CEO & Founder

Have Questions? 

We Understand

AlternaShare the 

'Better Than Health Insurance' Solution!

                              The Answer is Change

If you’re ready for the change in your health care, this is your chance to join AlternaCare. When each of us takes the AlternaCare Pledge, are we each part of the change to lower costs and live a more healthy tomorrow!

The Answer is Sharing

Sharing is how we financially prepare for the unknown instead of relying on health insurance. In use for 30-years by faith-based groups who self-fund health care costs without health insurance. Sharing does what insurance does and more.

And now through AlternaCare, we don't need faith-based groups to share health expenses with because we are our own group!

The Answer is AlternaCare

Think of sharing health costs like buying health insurance at wholesale. That’s the difference when members take control and experience the switch to sharing.

Now fusing the advantages of being part of a group health insurance alternative, AlternaShare is an exclusive right only AlternaCare members. Join us won't you?

AlternaCare The Humanitarian Cause

Doing what no other nonprofit is, AlternaCare committed to solving social issues instead of profiting from them. Raising the bar on quality of care in a healthy insurance alternative for the U.S. is AlternaCare.

Refusing to be another nonprofit 'raising money for awareness' or 'research for a cure' the A-typical mantra of nonprofits preying on sympathy and delivering empty promises not solutions is not AlternaCare.

So corrupt are the most successful nonprofits, they're part of problem as fraud of the public is perpetuated. Look carefully at the large nonprofit 'pink ribbon' marketing campaign. Promising 'hope for a cure' raised hundreds of millions while this same non-profit accepted Pharma's millions in donations. This conflict of interest results in cures for cancer abundant in alternative medicine are dismissed while taking hundreds of millions in donations as misleading people with false hope.

This is unscrupulous.

When wealthy nonprofits compromise public trust as its executives collect millions is salary, betray the people who believe in the the propaganda. The nonprofit copout "If we solve the problem then there's no need for us" undermines non-profit integrity when the dollars pour in and the agenda continues.

The AlternaCare Foundation refuses to follow the non-profit crowd. Instead, we are redefining what nonprofit integrity is by serving people and solving problems in healthcare today.

To find out more about donating, please click below.


The great news is we don't need government or giant corporations to 'fix' healthcare. Intead what we need are people ready for change to be the change they want to see. The 'fix' to healthcare starts when we replace old ways with new, and shift our dollars to new outcomes because only......

“Insanity is doing the same things over and over

again expecting different results”. Albert Einstien