Welcome to Living Prevention with AlternaCare                                                                                                                                                                                                 Being healthy and staying that way in a world filled with toxins takes a commitment to being holistic, educated, and dedicated to proactively live #PreventionNotPresciption. If #LivingPrevention is the lifestyle you choose, AlternaCare is your tribe. We are like-minded people who want a higher quality of life that includes freedom from prescription dependency and a disease-care medical system including the health insurance that exclusively provides it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Serving people ready for innovative answers, our approach is simple. Organically solve problems instead of profit from them. That's what Living Prevention with AlternaCare is about. As a problem solving approach are what we call 'soulutions' - answers people need who want change. And if you resonate with our mission, we invite you to join us as a member and together, be part of the #LivingPrevention nucleus and movement.                                    





As a non-profit, AlternaCare is solving problems the conventional system exploits because solving problems is our passion! 
As a member community, we're founded on the #LivingPrevention pledge where truth, integrity, and soulutions for better health and health care, is our vision for life in the 21st century........ 

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#LivingPrevention Is

Holistic Living  
Bio Terrain - Mitochondria
Positive Thinking 
Giving of Self 
Learning #PreventionLiteracy


Because Their Profits in Treatments Not in Cures, 

 Living Prevention is the Escape from Disease-Care 

Profiting from disease treatments instead of disease cures is so profitable it dwarfs the petroleum industry in earnings! This secret fact is why disease-care is a system whose integrity was compromised a century ago as profit, not people became first priority.                                                                                                             Exploited and denied the human right to cures, is the dark secret of a system whose demand for chronic and catastrophically sick people is where it profits.                                                                                                       Living prevention is the antidote. And only when we know the truth can we live an optimum quality life free from the clutches of a system who wants us prescription-dependent from cradle to grave. 

The High Cost of Disease-Care

Every 30 seconds a lower limb is amputated because of diabetes  
Over 1,000,000 children under age 6 are on pharmaceuticals
U.S. kids with autism increased 78% in past decade alone
9 million children (1 in 6 ages 6–19) are overweight, more than 3x in 1980
The W.H.O. predicts cancer will increase 70% by 2035  
Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease in children 
Cancer in 1900 was 1 in 20. Today it's 1 in 2 men & 1 in 3 women 
Health costs for chronic illness account for; 81% of hospital admissions; 91% of prescriptions & 76% of Dr. costs for chronic health problems are 5x's higher than for healthy people
CDC identifies 3 risk factors: poor diet, inactivity, & smoking cause 80% of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and 40% of cancer 
Chronic disease is #1 cause of death & disability in the U.S.  
70% of all deaths are from preventable, treatable diseases
133 million in the U.S. 45% have at least 1 chronic disease
U.S. healthcare is rated last of all advanced nations at #37
U.S. spends twice the next advanced nation at over $10,000.00 per person annually on 'health care'
Health insurance premiums have increased 140% since 2012

For the People Soulutions

Setting the standard as a social good cause in the 21st-century, AlternaCare is more than a nonprofit raising 'money for awareness' or 'research for a cure'.                                                                                                                       We deliver soulutions that solves problems by redefining nonprofit integrity in the 21st century. That sets us apart because we're not 'raising money for research' as cures abound. Instead, we're raising money to create soulutions we as members need! 
                                                                                        Your Health is Wealth                                                                                     Treatment of disease instead of cures is where the money is for the medical and pharmaceutical systems. This fact is made clear as history reveals known cures for diseases that continue to ravage lives have been suppressed for decades. Yes, discoveries made by brilliant minds in science and medicine suffered abuse of power when their discoveries undermine the profit agenda. This is the dark history of modern medicine as told in the documentary.....

"Cancer the Forbidden Cures"

Now's Your Chance to Make a Difference

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