As a 501(c)3 nonprofit leading the #LivePrevention movement, AlternaCare advocates health truth and soul-utions -  that's answers people need they can trust....

This is AlternaCare. 






Change for the better is here for like-minded people who choose to #LivePrevention. AlternaCare is a humanitarian cause for people who want #PreventionNotPrescription. 
Only by committing to #LivePrevention can we find optimum quality of life.

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to identify what real prevention is ensuring you know how to 

'Live Prevention as the Best Medicine''



#LivePrevention Is

Holistic Living
Positive Thinking
Cleanse, Shift, Transform


AlternaCare Membership Provides 

Serves members who take the #LivePrevention pledge
Serves members who want free of disease-care
Serves members who want free of health insurance 
Leads the #LivePreventionNotPrescription lifestyle
Dispenses #LivePrevention truths through #PreventionLiteracy

Because The Profits in Treatments Not in Cures, 

 Living Prevention is the Escape 

from Pharma's Disease-Care

The Human Cost of Disease-Care

If you don't want to be a statistic, #PreventionLiteracy and the #LivePrevention Pledge is where to start. For just $1.66 a day, you can join the #LivePrevention Tribe and Movement.
U.S. healthcare is rated last of all advanced nations at #37
U.S. spends twice the next advanced nation at over $10,000.00 per person annually on 'health care'
Health insurance premiums have increased 87% since 2000
Every 30 seconds a lower limb is amputated from diabetes
Over 1,000,000 children under age 6 are on pharmaceuticals
U.S. kids with autism increased 78% in past decade alone
9 million children (1 in 6 ages 6–19) are overweight, more than 3x in 1980
The W.H.O. predicts cancer will increase 70% by 2035
Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease in children
Cancer in 1900 was 1 in 20. Today it's 1 in 2 men & 1 in 3 women
Health costs for chronic illness account for; 81% of hospital admissions; 91% of prescriptions & 76% of Dr. visits and chronic health costs are 5x's higher than for healthy people
CDC identifies three risk factors – poor diet, inactivity, & smoking as the cause 80% of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and 40% of cancer
Chronic disease is #1 cause of death & disability in the U.S.
70% of all deaths are from preventable, treatable diseases
133 million in the U.S. 45% have at least 1 chronic disease
Decades of profiting from 'disease care', not disease cures is business so large, it dwarfs the petroleum industry. #PreventionLiteracy and the #LivePrevention lifestyle are kryptonite to the disease-care trillion-dollar industry. 


If being empowered is important to you, join us and take the #LivePrevention Pledge as become part of the AlternaCare tribe.



AlternaCare is a member-tribe whose foundation is innovation on prevention truth. We created the #LivePrevention Pledge & Guide to ensure members achieve new results from truth and solutions found nowhere else.


#PreventionLiteracy ensures we know how to prevent and reverse health issues. When we know better we can choose better, that's #PreventionLiteracy. Prevention is a lifestyle, not a diet or resolution based on educated choices to replace old ways with new preventions.


Ensuring AlternaCare members know how to #LivePrevention, we created the #LivePrevention Guide & Academy. Ensuring truth about how to #LivePrevention is the foundation of the AlternaCare tribe.


No matter how preventative we are, health issues can happen. That's why AlternaCare created AlternaShare the 'Healthy Insurance Alternative'. Ensuring members have choice in treatment, makes AlternaShare the better alternative to health insurance or faith-based sharing by managing health costs together.

We know you are and we understand why because when you choose to #LivePrevention, this is a lifestyle not supported by 'health' insurance.
We want to say Welcome! to the answer you've been searching for. AlternaCare is developing a member-only innovative health insurance replacement called AlternaShare. A fusion of solutions, AlternaShare will include alternative medicine for primary care with conventional medicine in one platform. AlternaShare will redefine health care in the 21st century.
Pre-enrollment is now open and release is scheduled in 2018. This is the 'missing piece' to holistic living as the better way to better health and healthcare.

For the People Soulutions

Setting the standard as a social good cause in the 21st-century, AlternaCare is more than a nonprofit raising money for awareness or research for a cure. INstead, we're creating soulutions - that is answers people need today.

#LivePrevention and #PreventionLiteracy are

Kryptonite to 'Profit from Disease'

                                                                                     Our 'greatest wealth is our health'. 
Make no mistake, treatment of disease is wealth for disease care as cures discovered were and remain suppressed. Yes, brilliant caring professionals in science and medicine suffer abuse of power for such discoveries. This is the dark history of modern medicine as told in the documentary...  


"Cancer the Forbidden Cures"

Now's Your Chance to Make a Difference

To ensure AlternaCare continues our life-saving mission as humanitarian purveyors of truth and creators of soulutions - answers people need, a monumental task, all things considered, needs support from people who resonate with our mission. Click below to see how you can help us, help all of us.